PLEASE NOTE: We currently only process orders for the UK NHS.


G-TEM have been asked to assist with the distribution of CPAP medical equipment during the COVID-19 crisis. Most of the staff involved are giving their time voluntarily to support this complex logistics & volume assembly process.

G-TEM are not a traditional medical supplier, and do not produce any of the medical components. Our task is to manage your orders as efficiently as possible, and keep the supply of CPAP equipment flowing to Hospitals in the UK and Northern Ireland.

This project was organised by University College London (UCL) along side the engineering skills of the Formula one engine maker Mercedes-AMG High Performance Powertrain who are building the critical component which is approved by the MHRA for this emergency scenario.

Placing an Order

Your initial order for complete CPAP kits will have been processed directly with the central NHS ordering system. That order has enabled you to connect to this web-site to place secondary orders for disposable components or replacement parts.

To ensure fair distribution of these priority products, there have been limits placed on the number that can be ordered by you. These limits are based on the number of initial CPAP kits that you have received and are roughly in the order of 3 upper and lower assemblies per CPAP kit each 2 weeks.